Crosby Music Festival

Over the past 15 years the Crosby Music Festival has become a major event in the local calendar. Initially used to promote local bands, musicians, artistes and entertainers in the village bars, the festival grew in magnitude attracting acts from all over the world.

This year, due to government cuts to Sefton Councils budget, all funding for the festivals main stage, PA and staff has been severed. So this festival which attracted 30,000 people last year was about to be axed. This may be a small thing in comparison to what is happening to the NHS and the Pension Service, but countrywide all these things add up. That’s why we named this years festival “AGAINST THE CUTS!”

The Festival organizers were about to pull the plug on the event when UNISON offered their financial support, along with CALM, MORECROFTS and the local LABOUR PARTY. We will still be without a main stage but we will not be cut further by this Conservative led coalition. There will be great performances over the four days from Friday evening to Monday night more than 60 acts will perform in the 7 bars thanks to UNISON and our other supporters.